Here are the policies of the Official Binweevils Wiki!

List of Rules

1. No cursing!

2. DO NOT be mean to the people who play Binweevils! If you don't like this, do not leave a disrespectful comment or harass anyone's opinion(s). If you do, your comment will be erased.

3. Do not erase anything unless if important. If you have the wish to delete something or erase, please see an Admin for assistance.

4. Do not add false information. We want everything here to be truthful to honor Binweevils. If you do add any false info, it will be deleted immediately.

5. No inappropriate material of any kind.

6. No spamming please.

7. Have fun!

8. Once you've edited, created a account, or joined this wiki, you must customize your profile! If your A Wikia Contributor, you don't need to.

9. Do not break any of these rules. If you receive a warning from any administrator and ignore it, you will be blocked.

Warnings and Bans

Warnings: Only if rules

1, 2, 4, 6 are broken

Bans: 3, 5, and 8.

It depends on how bad the violation is, a ban may range from 3 days to a week. If worse, Permanent.

If anyone ignores a warning from an Admin, you will be banned.

For assistance, see: LizardMaster178, Clumsyme22 or TRFQueen.