People who have Membership can buy hats, make an magazine, earn a Dosh salary every month, run your own business, get VIP access, expand your garden, get exclusive free items, buy more things, and get an bin pet. There are three options: 1 month (£4.95 in UK), 6 months (£19.95 in UK), and lastly 12 months (£34.95 in UK). When Bin Weevils first came out, there was no membership, but later they only added 1 month membership and later on added 6 months and 12 months. However, 16 and 24 months were removed. The most popular is 12 months. In June 2012, Dosh Money landed in the bin and you can now buy almost everything so there is no point in membership. You can get Membership Cards from Sainsbury's (UK).