Kip is the sleepiest Bin Weevil in the Bin. Kip can only stay awake for 8 seconds but did once stay awake longer for a interview with Monty and Scribbles.

Monty's Interview. Edit

Monty and Scribbles managed to keep Kip awake for a Interview!

Lab Edit

Q asked by Monty: What's the Longest Time you've been asleep?

A by Kip: Hmmmmm..., not sure. I'l *YAWN* have to ask Lab (and Clott, Sum, Thing and Kem - workers in Lab's Lab) to build a Sleep Meter to monitor my sleeping time!

BinScape Edit

Q asked by Monty: What's your favourite part of the Bin(Scape)?

A by Kip: Anywhere I can fall asleep and dream.

Kip Edit

Q asked by Monty: Why are you always so tired?

A by Kip: I'm not so much that I'm tired, *NUM-NUHM* I enjoy sleeping because I enjoy dreaming.