Gam is the oldest bin Weevil in the Bin and is the owner of Castle Gam. He is also the leader of SWS missions with his SWS sidekicks!

Colin Edit

Gam's Friend is called Colin. Colin is not an ordinary dragon, but is a dragon who loves Dirt Donuts! Colin's egg was rescued by Gam in the Great Bin War. He is the only known dragon, and it is said he could have baby dragons.

SWS Sidekicks Edit

Gam is the leader of the Secret Weevil Service and has sidekicks to help him on his missions.

  • You!

Birthday Edit

Gam was born on a date, but has grown so old that he can't even remember when his birthday is. So Scribbles holds a Birthday on a random date, and watch one of them that Tink and Clott ruins here:

The Amazing Adventures of Tink and Clott - Gam Episode

Castle Gam Edit

The SWS Headquaters can't be in the middle of nowhere can they. No! They are in Castle Gam, named after Gam.

Become a Tycoon to complete special missions.