Dosh's Palace is an egg shaped place with Fish Fountain's outside.

Inside Dosh's Palace Edit

  • More Games
  • Hem's Hats Store
  • Weevil Colour Changer

Games Edit

There are two Konnect Mulch Boards inside.

Hem's Hats Store Edit

Hem's Hats used to be located on Tycoon Island but the Island's shops were shut down by Dosh, Jott and Fink. Here you can use dosh to buy hats, or a 'Hem's Hats Dosh Voucher' collected by the 'BinCard' only for tycoons.

Dosh's Balcony Edit

See Wiki page.

Weevil Colour Changer Edit

Bin Tycoons can change there colour and shape inside the Weevil Changer for 100 mulch or 150 depending on how much you have changed.