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is the most famous Bin Weevil along with his best friend Tink. He has a crush on Posh, and always tries to make up plans to impress her! Together with Tink, they're the most silliest and craziest Binweevils on earth. On the TV channel, Nickelodeon, they used to have their own mini-TV series called The Adventures of Tink and Clott. You can watch these on an Apple touch Device on the app: 'Meet the Bin Weevils' and at Click the Map then Rigg's Paladium. A new clip will be added each day. He almost forgets everything.

Tink and Clott.

Here is his biography:

Clott lives nextdoor to his best Bin Buddy, Tink. That's when he can remember where he lives...

Bin Buddies Edit

  • Tink
  • Posh
  • Tum
  • scribbles
  • gam
  • flem
  • 420
  • blazzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeee maeriguana
  • IM GAY
  • chloed is my freidn
  • should she break up w zak?????????
  • naaaassth
  • anal