Bin Weevils is a popular online virtual world for children aged 6-12. It follows the real creatures 'weevils' and the game is set inside a bin. Binweevils currently has over 2 million users from the UK and Ireland.


Bin Weevils first appeared on the Nickelodeon TV show as short, 5 minute cartoons. Nickelodeon then launched a virtual world following these cartoons, which appeared on their own website. However, the virtual world started to get more popular than the TV Show so it was expanded, and eventually got its own domain name and became an independent virtual world.

New BinEdit

In April 2010, Bin Weevils announced that the website would be getting a makeover. Bin Weevils was closed to all players for one night, and the new website was launched the following day, known commonly as the 'new bin.' Despite the enormous change, many people wanted them to change back the old bin. The "New Bin" still remains.

Current LocationsEdit

There are lots of places to go in Bin Weevils. One of them is 3D, the rest of them being 2D. Here is a complete list of places to go throughout the bin: FLUM'S FOUNTAIN - A fountain in which users must grow the mushrooms to receive rewards such as mulch and Experience Points. CLUB FLING - A disco with 4 rooms - The outside, the disco, the lounge and the pool hall. LAB'S LAB - A puzzle lab with games to play to earn daily Mulch and Experience Points. DIRT VALLEY - 3 Racing tracks in which users can race each other to earn Mulch and Experience Points. RIGG'S MOVIE MULTIPLEX - A multiplex consisting of a cinema, a magazine stand (Weevil Post) and Figg's Cafe FLEM MANOR - A manor consisting of a library, a fan art museum, crosswords and word-searches, a magazine editor room and a library. SLAM'S PARTY BOX - A box in which different themed parties take place, such as the Christmas Party or the Rock 'n' Roll party. '