Bin Tunes is an album released by Sony Music with the Bin Weevils singing!

Big Bin Weevil BallEdit

The Big Bin Weevil Ball is the first song released. You can listen to it at Club Fling in the Disco Room.

Track Listing Edit

  • Big Bin Weevil Ball
  • Great Bin Weevils

Written by you Edit

  • Scribbles's Song: I've Got the Scoop
  • Dosh's Song: Splosh that Dosh
  • Bunty/Posh's Song: Girls Rule!
  • SWS/Gam's Song: Let's Go!

So Much Better With Two Edit

Tink and Clott's song, called 'So Much Better With Two' needs a Bin Weevil to direct the pop song of 30seconds with 'Aardman's ANIMATE IT!' Maybe it could be you! To find out more visit:

This wiki page is in need of a weevily great Wikia Member to insert a video of "Big Bin Weevil Ball" and a picture of the Album Cover.